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University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest in partnership with the S.C. AVANTERA srl (Romania), S.C. INFOR ELEA – Educational Centre (Italy), ACADEMIA DRUZBA ZA STORITVE – College of Short-Cycle Higher Education (Slovenia), VILNIAUS UNIVERSITETAS - Higher Education Institution (Lithuania), UNIVERSITY OF WEST ATTICA - Higher Education Institution (Greece) started the “SMART skills 4.0” project, on October 2020, under ERSMUS + programme, 2014-2020.

Through an international partnership between RO, IT, SI, LT and GR, the project " SMART skills 4.0" aims for students (HE) to improve horizontal skills mismatches, transversal issues and fully supports the acquisition of transferable forward-thinking skills in various sustainability-relevant sectors. It fosters transnational cooperation and innovation for a better alignment of education to the complex skills demands posed by the integration of digital progress into the new Business 4.0 trends. More...

C1 meeting announcement
C2 meeting announcement
C3 meeting announcement
S2 Practitioners course announcement
S4 Practitioners  course announcement
C4 meeting announcement
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