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University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest in partnership with the S.C. AVANTERA srl (Romania), S.C. INFOR ELEA – Educational Centre (Italy), ACADEMIA DRUZBA ZA STORITVE – College of Short-Cycle Higher Education (Slovenia), VILNIAUS UNIVERSITETAS - Higher Education Institution (Lithuania), UNIVERSITY OF WEST ATTICA - Higher Education Institution (Greece) started the “SMART skills 4.0” project, on October 2020, under ERSMUS + programme, 2014-2020.

Through an international partnership between RO, IT, SI, LT and GR, the project " SMART skills 4.0" aims for students (HE) to improve horizontal skills mismatches, transversal issues and fully supports the acquisition of transferable forward-thinking skills in various sustainability-relevant sectors. It fosters transnational cooperation and innovation for a better alignment of education to the complex skills demands posed by the integration of digital progress into the new Business 4.0 trends. More...

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